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A word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred is called Name.name represent personality.get name of your newborn baby select your religion.meaning of the name is also available in English and hindi ( हिंदी ) on our website .Currently we have 16317 Names of Hindu , Muslim and Christian baby with Meanings.
Name Meaning of Name Destiny Number
Aaban Name of the angel 1
Aabheer A cow herd 4
Aachman intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja 5
Aadarsh Ideal 7
Aadesh Command 2
Aadhan Be first 2
Aadhira Moon 6
Aadi First; most important 6
Aadidev The first god 1
Aadinath The first god 4
Aadir Origin, beginning 6
Aadit Peak 8
Aaditeya Son of aditi 3
Aaditya The sun 7
Aagam Coming, arrival 5
Aagney Son of fire 8
Aagneya Son of the fire 9
Aahan Good morning 7
Aahlaad Delight 1
Aahva Beloved 6
Aakaar Shape 6
Aakaash Sky 6
Aakar Shape 5
Aakarshan Attraction 2
Aakash sky 5
Aalap Prelude to a raga 4
Aalok Light 4
Aamil One who is invaluable 9
Aamod Pleasure 7
Aanand Joy 8
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