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Meaning of Indian Hindu Boy name Aniij

Name Aniij generally means "Charming", is of India origin, Name Aniij is a Boy name. Person with name Aniij are mainly Hindu by religion. As per Vedic Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Name Aniij belongs to rashi Mesha (Aries).The rashi is one of the most important points in selecting your baby name .
English Charming

हिंदी आकर्षक

ಕನ್ನಡ ಆಕರ್ಷಕ

বাঙালি কমনীয়

Aniij name numerology calculation

  • Destiny Number / Name Number : 7
  • Soul Number /Heart Number /Heart Number 1
  • Personality Number 6

Meanings behind above number combination

Well-groomed, tastefully attired, and impeccably mannered, you present a class act. Friends regard you as dependable and available for helpful consultation. Although warm and affectionate, you never gush, preferring to carefully consider what you’re about to say before speaking.

You avoid pushy and clingy people, and your radar detects phonies a mile away. Not one to get too close to others too quickly, people must be trustworthy and willing to do their share before you let them into your inner circle.

Preferring to be in control, you choose to follow your instincts and do as you wish. Be cautioned that your self-sufficiency can make you impatient with people who don’t understand your approach. Although others often perceive you as a loner, you actually crave praise and recognition more than most.

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