Indian muslim boys name Starting with Alphabets

Name Meaning
Aadil Justice
Aamir Populous,full,prosperous
Aarif Acquainted,knowledgable
Aariz Respectable man,intelligent
Aasim Protector
Abaan Old arabic name
Aban Old arabic name
Abbas Description of a lion
Abbud Worshipper
Abbudin Worshippers

Indian muslim Girls name Starting with Alphabets

Name Meaning
A'dab Hope and need
A'idah Visiting, returning; reward
A'li Exaulted, noble, highest social standing
A'mal Hopes, aspirations
Aadab Hope and need
Aaisha Lively ; womanly
Aalia Exalted; highest social standing
Aaliya High; tall; towering; excellent
Aalliyah An ascender ; one having the highest social standing
Aamaal Hopes; aspirations