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Meaning of Indian Muslim Boy name Abdul-Wahid

Name Abdul-Wahid generally means "Servant of the one", is of India origin, Name Abdul-Wahid is a Boy name. Person with name Abdul-Wahid are mainly Muslim by religion. .
English Servant of the one

हिंदी एक का नौकर

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Abdul-Wahid name numerology calculation

  • Destiny Number / Name Number : 4
  • Soul Number /Heart Number /Heart Number 5
  • Personality Number 8

Meanings behind above number combination

You have the energy to manage large projects to completion and work alongside your subordinates to ensure success. If it takes getting your hands dirty to achieve the desired result, you’ll look for the soap later.

Very self-disciplined, you’re painstaking and meticulous in your work. After hours, you’re dedicated to enjoying the company of a wide assortment of friends, all of whom you keep in regular contact with.

You dress well and take care of yourself, contributing to making a good impression. Your friends know that a down-to-Earth soul is sheltered within that impressive wardrobe. Even when suffering from inner turmoil, you present a solid front.

An outer balance combined with a complex inner self make you a puzzle to many. Even when given a logical reason to change your mind, you tend to be quite stubborn. And your conservative and practical façade conceals a free spirit with a case of wanderlust. This multidimensionality can be a surprise to others.

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