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Muslim boys name Starting with Alphabets

Name Meaning of Name Destiny Number
Aadil Justice 9
Aamir Populous,full,prosperous 6
Aarif Acquainted,knowledgable 8
Aariz Respectable man,intelligent 1
Aasim Protector 7
Abaan Old arabic name 1
Aban Old arabic name 9
Abbas Description of a lion 7
Abbud Worshipper 3
Abbudin Worshippers 8
Abdalla A servant of god 6
Abdallah A servant of god 5
Abdalrahman Servant of the merciful one 3
Abdel Servant (of allah) 6
Abdellah A servant of god 9
Abdul Servant of the forgiver 4
Abdul-Alim Servant of the omniscient 3
Abdul-Aliyy Servant of the most high 4
Abdul-Azeez Servant of the mighty,the powerful 4
Abdul-Azim Servant of the mighty 8
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the powerful one 3
Abdul-Baari Servant of the creator 8
Abdul-Bari Servant of the creator 7
Abdul-Basit Servant of the extender 1
Abdul-Fattah Servant of the opener (of the gates of sustenance) 6
Abdul-Ghaffar Servant of the forgiver 6
Abdul-Ghafoor Servant of the forgiver 2
Abdul-Haafiz Servant of the protector 1
Abdul-Hadi Servant of the guide 8
Abdul-Hafiz Servant of the protector 9

Muslim Girls name Starting with Alphabets

Name Meaning of Name Destiny Number
A'dab Hope and need 8
A'idah Visiting, returning; reward 5
A'li Exaulted, noble, highest social standing 4
A'mal Hopes, aspirations 9
Aadab Hope and need 9
Aaisha Lively ; womanly 3
Aalia Exalted; highest social standing 6
Aaliya High; tall; towering; excellent 4
Aalliyah An ascender ; one having the highest social standing 6
Aamaal Hopes; aspirations 2
Aaminah Peace and harmony 2
Aamira A princess ; one who commands 7
Aamirah A princess ; one who commands 6
Aanisah Good natured one 8
Aasmaa Excellent; precious 9
Aatikah 6
Abeer Fragrance 4
Abia Great 4
Abida Worshipper 8
Abidah Worshipper; devotee 7
Abir Fragrance 3
Abla Perfectly formed 7
Ablaa Perfectly formed 8
Ablah Perfectly formed 6
Abra Example, lesson 4
Adara Virgin 7
Adeel Equal 9
Adeela Equal 1
Adiba Cultured, polite 8
Adila Equal 9
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